The List

I often refer to ‘my list’ throughout this blog. This is a working document I add to almost daily as I come across restaurants in Vienna in posts and articles, from coworkers’ or friends’ recommendations, and through my own wanders around town. This list of mine is pages long, and while I’ll probably never work my way through it entirely, a girl can try. The below list features every restaurant I’ve written about on this blog. I do my best to add to it right after publishing a post.

THE (Ever-Growing) LIST

12 Munchies


The Bangkok



Cafe An-Do

Cafe Ansari

Cafe Berg

Cafe Der Provinz

Cafe Francais

Cafe Nest




Corns n’Pops

Das Edison

Das Heinz

Das Möbel


Die Burgermacher

Dots im Brunnerhof

Eis Greissler

Eis Peter

Espresso Mobil

Fett + Zucker


Ginger Sushi

Good Morning Vietnam



Hotel Daniel

Juice Factory

Kurt Frozen Yogurt

La Delizia

Le Bol

Li’s Cooking





Monte Christo


Motto am Fluss

Nam Nam



ON Market

Petit Maroc

The Pie Factory


Pizza Riva




Rauch Juice Bar



Sapa Experience

Schesch Besch



St. Ellas

Strandbar Herrmann

Summer Samba

Teka Sushi

That’s Amore


Up! Grade Your Food


Weingut am Reisenberg


Wien Mitte: The Mall


Zum Fransozen


SushiandStrudel on the MAP!

17 thoughts on “The List

  1. Jackpot! I finally found the right blog! My husband and I moved to Vienna earlier this year and are also obsessed with food..and happen to be from Cali too. We now have an official “to do” list in Vienna. Thank you!

  2. I work for the State Dept and was lucky enough to be posted to Vienna. I’m from Long Beach and my husband is from Stockton, but we try not to focus on the Stockton part ;)

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  4. New tip for you! “Madiani” at the Karmelitamarkt (stall 21-24). Small menu but delicious Georgian food, cosy dining area, lovely furnishings and good wine selection!

  5. Incredible! This is an f-ing gold mine. Only problem is that I leave tomorrow! If you had to recommend one place for dinner (terrible question, I know) where would it be? Very much into the locavore thing (being from SoCal as well). Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  7. Hi,
    I am always a big fan of ur blog. I have been to loads of restaurants/cafes you review and i have never been disappointed.
    Since I seriously in need of finding some nice and quite cafe where i can sit with my computer and work on my project (Starbucks is the first option which came up in my mind but i kinda wanna find somewhere else with a different style or concept).
    Do you hav any recommendation ?Thanks!

    • Hey! I like Cafe Phil on Gumpendorferstrasse, or Cafe Connection in the 9th. I actually recently asked this on my blog’s facebook page and a few people wrote some good suggestions.

  8. Hi!

    My husband and I love your blog! We were married in Vienna and will be celebrating our first yr anniversary there this July – any romantic places you suggest for dinner? Thanks and hope to move there soon!

    • Hey! Hmm, a perfect dinner for romance? You know….I’d also love to know the answer to this question, since I usually don’t have that as a req. when going out! I will ask it on my blog’s facebook page:)

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