Summer Samba

The same day as the market/lunch adventure in the 16th district at Cafe An-Do, I also made sure to pay a visit to one of Vienna’s newest ice cream shops, Summer Samba. I had heard about the fact that a new, ‘exotic’ ice cream shop had opened in town.  New? Ice Cream?  Exotic?  I’m there.

So off we went, full of yummy Cafe An-Do sandwiches, to try Summer Samba, an ice cream shop with Brazilian–no, Amazonian–Ice Cream. The shop boasts that its ice cream is exotic, healthy, without preservatives, mostly lactose-free, and home-made.  Intriguing!

The shop definitley wasn’t aiming high with its interior, but in a way, it fit in with the concept of simple, fresh, and quick just fine.  I am going to Brazil in January, 2012, and the interior of Summer Samba looks exactly like some of the little food shops featured in my guidebook for the country.  Travel preparation, no?

Let’s get to the good stuff.  The ice cream was…different.  If you are in search of the classic chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, Summer Samba isn’t for you.  Here, you find the following  flavors: Açai, Acerola, Caju, Goiaba, Graviola, Mango, Maracuja, Pitanga, Tapereba, Umbu.  If you are unsure like I was, they give samples:)

We settled on Açai/Mango.  The Açai is a native Brazilian berry, with somewhat of a chocolate-berry taste.  The mango tasted so pure, so fresh. This combination was the perfect thing for a still-warm-in September Saturday afternoon.  Delicioso!

The price?  Each scoop sets you back €1.20.

Get it while you can!  The shop closes on the 19th of this month and will re-open in Spring, 2012 when the weather turns warm.

Summer Samba
Yppengasse 1, am Yppenplatz
1160 Vienna
Open: Daily from 13 – 22:00, Saturdays from 10-22:00.