UP! Grade Your Food

The Viennese and fast food. Naja…In a city with a lifestyle that affords its Volk the opportunity to stroll rather than sprint through this thing we call our Leben, the need to eat on the go isn’t as prevalent as it is in, ahem, other countries I know.  The usual suspect with its Golden Arches can of course be found , and there are the iconic Würstelstände that have their following, but opportunities to dine and dash are still far and few between.  And the opportunity to do so here while trying to eat healthfully? Forget it!  Until now…

Up! Grade Your Food is a positively winzig place that popped up two months ago in the first district. If I’m honest, I found its name to be rather amusing and pretty classic as far as using the English language in a foreign country goes. Native language snobbery aside, I of course couldn’t wait to pop by, as I heard they served wraps, which are hard to come by in this neck of the woods. With the restaurant just up the street from one of my favorite yoga studios in town, I headed over with a friend recently after 90 minutes of flow.

The place is mini and no-frills. Just a narrow space with a few seats in the back and one dining table up front. In and out is the goal.

From this tiny place, however, comes something enormously wonderful.  If  this is the direction Vienna is going in with healthy options for food on the go, then only good things can be ahead. The menu is beautifully simple. Wraps, wraps, wraps.  (They have soup too.) Choose your base (beef, tofu, salmon, or chicken), then guacamole or hummus, your fillings, and a sauce to top it off. Presto.

After a few moments of being gloriously toasted, your wrap is handed over and you’re good to go. Or stay.

The verdict? Whoa. Total lecker. Everything was cooked fresh to go, so these were incredible. Fresh and flavorful, and best of all, fairly priced! Everything under 6 Euro. My friend had chicken, and I, suddenly hit with a rare craving, went for the beef. The contrast of textures from the lightly toasted wrap, tender meat, and crisp vegetables was fantastic. We demolished these. Petit nectarine to boot!

It must also be noted that the staff here was unbelievably friendly. The owner happened to be at the helm during our visit, and he was dancing while making our food. That’s the spirit!  Oh and psssst, they deliver! (I assume in and around the first.)  If I worked in the first district, I’d probably make use of their online ordering and pickup/delivery far too often.

Nom Nom Nom.

Up! Grade Your Food
Mahlerstraße 11
1010 Vienna

*Pictures 2, 5, and 6 from restaurant website!

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