Vienna has a new kid in town, and he’s made quite the impression so far with his style, appeal, and killer taste. His name is Mark and he arrived to the 7th district early last month; I had the chance to get acquainted the other weekend and I must say, I hope to see him again sometime soon.

Fein indeed. The 7th district was a fitting place for dear Mark to settle, since it has long been the epicenter of Viennese cool. I found my way over after having read about the new establishment on Stadtbekannt. The restaurant is so new that its website is still ‘under construction,’ which meant I really had no idea what to expect ahead of time in terms of food. All I knew was that the restaurant was  dedicated to top quality dishes served at affordable prices in a relaxed atmosphere. Sounded good to me.

Upon arriving, I knew I’d found a special place. Beautifully designed and freshly renovated with white walls lending towards a minimalistic feel, the restaurant achieves district-appropriate trendiness yet maintains a palpable coziness due to traditional parquet floors and touches like a dining loft and fireplace. Joining these two areas is a bar, fabulously Neubau chic.

The evening started out with what has become somewhat of a little summer tradition of mine (ha! and of all of Vienna). A Hugo, the ‘it cocktail’ of the moment across town. It’s a lovely mix of prosecco, soda water, elderflower berry syrup, lime, ice, and mint.

And the food? I didn’t just enjoy my meal here; I savored it. The cuisine turned out to be ‘modern European,’ a.k.a international. The menu is small but boldIt was also creative, full of interesting combinations, and best of all, affordable!

I had Red Beetroot Gnocchi with a Hazelnut and Mint Pesto. This was a daring mix of ingredients that came together flawlessly.

My friend had Corn-Fed Chicken Atop Roasted Vegetables. She said it was the best meal she’d had in quite some time. If both of us felt this way, I can only gather that the rest of the menu would achieve the same results.

Leaving a restaurant satisfied is the only way one should leave a restaurant, oder? This new kid knows what’s goin’ on.

Neustiftgasse 82
1070 Vienna

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23 thoughts on “Marks

    • Are you a vegetarian? We weren’t sure what was meant by that, so we asked and apparently, it is a purer way of feeding chickens. I.E. instead of a soy protien/corn mix, often featuring genetically modified soy. The restaurant is mostly vegan/vegetarian oriented, so I would hope that the meat they use is organic, local, and free-range.

      • Hello. No, I’m not vegetarian but prefer not to eat red meat for health reasons. You hear a lot about chickens being forced fed corn to fatten them up. However, as this is restaurant also serves vegetarian and vegan dishes, it sounds as if they would source their chicken ethically. Some corn fed chicken are allowed to roam freely too so happy chickens! My previous post may confuse people so I am happy for you to delete. I may check this place out soon with my friends. When I am out, I really like to try dishes that I haven’t yet tried to make at home or don’t have the skill to make at home!

  1. :-) I am thinking of going there next week with some friends. What is the price range of the dishes? Particularly the dish you had as it looks yummy! Thanks.

  2. Since I am sitting in marks restaurant right now, I can answer the price question… The gnocchi is 9.80 and the chicken is 13.90

  3. Since I am sitting in marks restaurant right now, I can answer the price question. The gnocchi pictured above is 9.80 and the corn fed chicken is 13.90. Every thing we have eaten here has been very good.

  4. Sorry for double posting earlier…
    We are in Vienna for the summer and I think we will be working our way through your finds! Tonight, cafe de provinz, tomorrow, who knows?

  5. Marks is my new favourite place in Wien. The chocolate souffle is AMAZING, but the atmosphere is what makes this place great. So cosy, relaxing and chic.
    It would be nice if they took bankmat card though…

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