Fett + Zucker

Cake makes ya happy. I dare say that I’ve never heard truer words in a slogan.

With Vienna having been a steaming bowl of soup a week back, I just couldn’t write anything about a place in town that serves warm drinks. It felt sacrilege, and I thought I’d have to save this one for the fall. The dip in temperatures we’ve had these past few days, however, has had me reconsider. This cafe is too fun a find to keep you waiting a season longer.

Located in the second district, a district I cannot believe I haven’t touched on yet (seeing as how a bunch of my favorite places find themselves within its confines), Fett+Zucker is a quick hop and a skip from Vienna’s city center. Owned by an architect with an eye for original design, the place is the perfect melange of funky and cool. It’s a little slice of Scandinavia or San Francisco right here in Wien. Everything from its delicious treats to its hip clientele and whimsical wall art make this place stand apart from the crowd and beckon a besuch.

In addition to a few other odds and ends, the cafe serves up a tempting assortment of cakes and drinks each day. Two thumbs up for the focus on regionally-sourced ingredients. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

I only popped in for a quick cup of coffee and a chat with a friend back on a blustery day in the beginning of June, so I cannot tell you how these cakes tasted, but from the looks of it they taste just fine:) Fun fact: this is an inclusive cafe in every way. Not only are all sorts of people welcomed with open arms, but the daily cake assortment has something for everyone. Vegan? Gluten-Free? Lactose-Intolerant? They’ve got you covered.

My friend and I sat back at our retro table on mismatched chairs and each enjoyed a haferlkaffee, which is essentially a milky coffee in a bowl, perfect for leisurely sipping.

With nice tunes in the background, an assortment of interesting periodicals, and overall, good people and a good vibe, Fett + Zucker gets a gold stern in my book. Traditional Viennese cafes have their time and place; i.e. after the theater when you are all gussied up, or when out-of-towners visit and want to get a feel for the grandiosity that this town most definitely has. This cafe, however, is made of the fabric of daily life. It’s down to earth and would definitely be one of my weekly stomping grounds if I lived a bit closer.

Lots of other people must share my affection, as the teeny tiny place was positively packed. I bet the unicorn was pleased.

Fett +Zucker
Hollandstraße 16
1020 Vienna
Photos #3-9 from restaurant website!

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10 thoughts on “Fett + Zucker

  1. Just popped in on Saturday morning after a nice breakfast at Karmelitermarkt. Loved the place. Great coffee and nice soda. Missed the cake. Guess we’ll have to get back soon. The area is growing so quickly–the market is great and lots of cool stores in the area to fill a morning!

    • ja, solltest du wirklich
      und probiere doch brownie mit erdnuss butter, und gin rose vielleicht für das erste mal :)
      wirst aber sehen, dort will man irgendwie von allem kosten *gier*

      Mo-Di haben sie zu, aber du solltest dich beeilen bis 1.8., da machen sie ferien bis zum 19.8.

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