Nam Nam

I can’t think of a better restaurant to feature here on ye old blog for the first time I write about Indian food in Wien than Nam Nam, a place in the 6th I just love. My liebe for this place is due to many reasons—delicious food, a fun concept, friendly staff, and a charming Schanigarten. Perfect for my recent visit with friends on a warm, early summer’s night.

The concept of Nam Nam is simply to offer traditional, delicious Indian food in a modern way. Eschewing the kitsch one often finds in other Indian restaurants around town, Nam Nam offers its guests a chance to enjoy curries, samosas, mango lassis, rice, naan, and so much more in a contemporary setting and relaxed atmosphere.

Indian food tends to be very filling, the type of rib-sticking cuisine I crave in the winters here. I’ve yet to make it to this restaurant in the colder months, however, and there is a very good reason for that, a very good reason indeed.

See, they have this Schanigarten. It’s just darling. Nestled into the courtyard of the apartment building that houses this restaurant on its ground floor, there is something very intimate and cozy about sitting back there so closely with other patrons, eyeing everything set before them, whispering to your neighbor if you get the nerve, entschuldigen Sie, was haben Sie bestellt? And when it’s your turn to have something set before you, you’re definitely in for a treat.

I’ve written about the importance of a Gruß aus der Küche often here, and Nam Nam delivers. They set a nice plate of Papadam before you with their signature Nam Nam Chutney Mix to welcome you as you begin to look over the options. Watch out for the spice factor on two of the Chutneys. Some like it hot.

We enjoyed a variety of things; a chicken and vegetarian curry, one of their specials, a platter, and a prawn dish set aflame! Balanced out with some white wine and aperol spritzers, it was perfect.

Oh, and of course this happened. Naan. Still retaining a dusting of flour, it was fluffy, warm, doughy, delightful naan.

Make sure to reserve, as the back garden only has so many tables for curry-yearning folks like yourself, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all that awaits you at this lovely place. That Naan has your name on it.

Nam Nam
Webgasse 3
1060 Vienna

*Photos 2-6 from restaurant website.

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