Giveaway Results!

So dear readers, the time has come. As you may recall, ye old blog had its first giveaway last week. Now that the Facebook Page has reached its first 100 likes (and then some!), and now that I’ve made my way over to Schultergasse in the first district to pick up the prize, die Zeit ist gekommen for someone to walk away with some free Kurt Frozen Yogurt! Lucky you! Who? Not quite yet…

As I’ve mentioned before, not only is Kurt’s product fabulous, but they pretty much do everything with fun, style and flair. Everything down to their gift certificates…take a peek:

Yup, little tokens. Tokens of love. With their signature flying cow.  Does it get any better?

Oh yes, it does. Because you see, each token is good one for classic Kurt with toppings, a value of €4.50. Wait. Wasn’t the prize only supposed to be worth €10 total? That has a value of €13.50.

Well, that was the plan you see, but then something pretty cool happened. Kurt caught wind of SushiandStrudel’s udder devotion to it ( :) ) and the nice folks over there decided to (my great surprise) actually sponsor this giveaway! And instead of the planned amount, they went above and beyond! Now what did I say in my first post about Kurt with their community vibe? Yup.

So without further ado, let’s get on to the good stuff and move things right along…the winner of the magical flying cow tokens leading to delicious now 100% organic frozen yogurt served in biodegradable cups, topped with anything from homemade brownie bites to sumptuous pomegranate seeds, all enjoyed with a biodegradable spoons in a totally hoppin’ fun-lovin’ little gem of a shop is…..drum roll…


Congrats, Claudia! With a little help from, you were drawn from the “hat”!

So Claudia, to claim your KURT, please send me a quick msg. directly from your facebook profile to SushiandStrudel’s facebook site. Or, feel free to email me at sushiandstrudel (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll work out the details, and in no time, those lovely little tokens will be yours!

And to the rest of you, dear readers, have no fear.  There is plenty more where that came from.  Help the little blog grow, and when the Facebook Page hits 200, another giveaway will be yours for the taking!

Nom. Nom. Nom.

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