I’d heard a new place opened in the 6th–a french cafe/bistro with an amazing brunch–so I put it on my list of places to go.  It’s true my favorite breakfast comes in a bowl, but I also love a good brunch.  Off I went, husband and pup in tow, to try the Sunday brunch at Pierre.

Pierre is a fun, welcome addition to this part of the 6th district.  We walked in and the place was alive with customers, dishes clanking, and a nice background music of french music. It’s decorated with dark wood touches, chalkboard displays, and large black and white photos of Paris.

Brunch certainly didn’t disappoint. The usual suspects of eggs, potatoes, breads, and spreads, etc. were there, however being that this is a french cafe, there was also some amazing (!) quiche, and of course, buttery/flaked to perfection croissants.

And though there wasn’t much room left for dessert, we couldn’t resist after seeing the individual custards and homemade pastries. Très joli!

One last thing to show–my coffee.  Très créatif, non?

So the next time you are in the mood for some delectable Sunday fare, treat yourself and head to Pierre!  That rhymed.  €12.90 a person. You can also go for lunch or dinner if you like. Au revoir.

Windmühlgasse 32 / Ecke Barnabitengasse
1060 Vienna

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2 thoughts on “Pierre

  1. Hi Kristen! Per your suggestion, we try Pierre out today. It was Ah-mazing! Massive thanks to you for the recommendation. And I would love to grab coffee with you when you return from your trip to the States! Just let me know when you’re back and we’ll plan something. Safe travels!

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